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“Meet the She-Wolves of Wall Street…the cast serves the material with appropriately steely commitment, with Reiner a standout as the most sympathetic of the film’s multiple anti-heroines.” – VARIETY

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“Reiner steals the film because she conveys an interesting balance of both admiration for Naomi and a desire to use her to stop insider trading.” – ROGER

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“Anna Gunn and Alysia Reiner play hard-hitting professionals who aren’t afraid to admit that they like money (and they look great getting it).” – GLAMOUR 


“Alysia Reiner is priceless!”

(Wasps In Bed)

“A luminous portrayal by Alysia Reiner…Graceful, languid and confident, Reiner lights up the stage…”


“I was absolutely enamored with the performance; subtle, understated, delicate; a perfect evocation
of Virginia – from girlhood to her death. Reiner has great stage presence, and…having read
so much about and by VW, I know her voice, her feelings, her mannerisms,
and Reiner certainly caught her.”

(A Play of Ones Own)

“A gifted four member ensemble…balanced beautifully by the astonished titillation 
projected by Reiner, who can barely mask the vicarious pleasure she is enjoying 
at the expense of her pal’s tortured ambivalence.”

(Dating Games)

“Alysia Reiner exceeds high expectations as Rosalind, recognized as one of
Shakespeare’s greatest and most fully realized female characters. Reiner
demonstrates Rosalind as both sensuous woman and virtuous maiden…Reiner is
completely convincing in her portrayal.”

(As You Like It)

“The Modigliani-faced Reiner brings a sinewy sensuality and a Sophia Loren-like accent to her portrayal…”


“Reiner gives an outstanding rendition of a woman who has lost her mind,
finding solace as her sanity returns. Her performance is both eerie and truthful.”

(Charity Case)

“Alysia Reiner effectively captures Tash, a force of nature whose brash demeanor cloaks her manifold insecurities.”


“…Powerfully and emotionally acted by Alysia Reiner who plays the biological mom…Alison Fraser, Alysia Reiner and Jill Shackner are a powerful force to be reckoned with…a stellar cast”

(A Charity Case)


“Alysia Reiner commands the stage as Yasmin, a Palestinian Kuwaiti refugee, who also becomes part of the play’s tapestry. “

“As Pentecost moves toward its explosive conclusion, the audience’s mind will race from the play’s rich debates even as hearts pound from the drama that unfolds.”


“And as Allison, Jayson’s mother, Alysia Reiner exuded strength and interest, making palpable the idea that not only her child but also her whole family had lost in her a force that kept them going…”

(Jayson with a Y)


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